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Welcome to my photo Gallery. I became interested in photography around 2012.  My wife handed down her old Canon DSLR and it’s been an interesting journey since. 

My wife is an experienced photographer and has her own website at She has been my teacher, motivator and constantly encourages me to move outside my comfort zone. 

My wife and I are members of the Loveland Photographic Society. We host a monthly meeting with other members where we share hardware and software technology to improve both our photographic and post processing skills. If you have an opportunity to join a small group of folks that share common interests with you, i would encourage you to do it. Our “MUG group"  (Mac User Group)  has been a very rewarding experience for all of us.

I hope you enjoy the images I’ve posed here. Although my intent is not to sell them, they are available in printed versions (without the watermark). Please contact me if you are interested. I plan to add more images as time permits.

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