NSRR video links

The first group of videos are external views of platform events. All videos are Quicktime file formats. All videos will open and play in a new window so close it to return here. We’ll add a few more here as time permits.

Click on the file names below to play the video on your computer (if you have Quicktime installed.) 

Steam-0-6-0.mov is of a Pennsylvania 0-6-0 pulling a freight through the mountain.

Steam-1-2.mov is two locomotives pulling freights. One is the 0-6-0 switcher and the other is a C&O Big Boy 2-6-6-2 also pulling freight.

Santa-Fe-Passenger.mov is an A-B-A diesel pulling a passenger train.

GG1-Freight.mov is a Pennsylvania GG1 pulling freight.

CSX-C30.mov is a CSX C30 diesel pulling a short freight.

The second group of videos are what an engineer might see from the cab as the trains navigate the layout. 

Tour is a ride around portions of the layout. This is the longest video and it will give you an overview of the layout as the train passes through different areas. (Be sure to have the sound turned on!)

The other clips are just short videos as seen by our operators. As with previous clips, each will open in a new window so just close it at the end and you’ll return here!


Ride 1

Ride 2

Ride 3

Ride 4

Ride 5

Ride 6